Merieta Altrichter started the Donut Shop in 1969. She made all the donuts by hand, mixing dough in a plastic bowl. In 1978, after moving to the present location, she changed the name to World's Best Donuts. People come from all over the world to eat our donuts.

Customers have their pictures taken with their Donut Shop coffee mugs and then we put the pictures up on the walls and on the tables. We have pictures of our cup from almost every state and many foreign countries. Our Donut Shop cup has even flown on the Concord and has also been to Harvard!

Become a registered donut eater simply by signing your name on the wall. Remember the number you sign next to, come back the following year and you win a free donut.

Cake donuts are the staple of our business and our customers say they are the World's Best.

We are a 5-generation donut family.

We look forward to your visit!
Last Day for the 2014 season is October 18.
We will open again on May 20, 2015
September and October we are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
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World's Best Donuts Building located in downtown Grand Marais, Minnesota
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